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All you need is love. (And mascara, a mochaccino and lots & lots of music)

No really.

1 July
Well I'm a Westender who's crazy about music. Not enough? Look below for more about me :) or my ujournal !
1985, a midsummer night's dream, a streetcar named desire, accessorize, ais-r, alicia keys, amélie, andy warhol, aretha franklin, arm socks, art, bacardi breezers, bacon, bags, baileys, basketball, benetton, beverly knight, blackstreet, blue, boats, boots, boules, boyz ii men, brian mcknight, bridget jones' diary, cafe nero, catcher in the rye, cats, charlotte church, chatting, chocolate, christina aguilera, coffee, colours, cotton candy, dancing, dating, david boreanaz, debit cards, divas, diwali, dorothy perkins, dvds, elvis, faith, faith hill, fashion, films, floetry, foo fighters, football, friends, gabriel garcia marquez, getting emails, gilmore girls, heels, herbal tea, holi, hot caribbean men, independence, italian food, jagged edge, james brown, james dean, jane austen, japanese food, jc chasez, jené, joss stone, kelly clarkson, lancome, latin music, laughing, lauryn hill, law, lipgloss, live music, lollipops, mango, mariah carey, mark rothko, maroon 5, mascara, matchbox 20, men, michael jackson, michelle branch, middle east, motown, mp3s, mtv, music, musiq soulchild, my daddy, netball, nice people, oldies music, one on one, opera, painting, passion, perfume, pop art, pride & prejudice, r&b, ralph lauren, rap, reading, red, rimmel, rita hayworth, riyadh, sangria, saudi arabia, scotch eggs, scrubs, sex and the city, shopping, shy fx, sister act, snowflakes, soas, south africa, squash, stevie wonder, sugar, surrealism, swimming, sylvia plath, talking, tamia, taye diggs, temptations, the jackson 5, the simpsons, top of the pops, topshop, uk, whitney houston, world music, writing, yoga